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The engineering internship program aims to provide interns with valuable work experience, develop their technical and professional skills, and prepare them for a successful career in the engineering industry. The program's structure is designed to support interns' growth and development, while also providing a meaningful learning experience.

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Student Testimonial

A young professional intern
“I genuinely feel like my pre-internship prepared me to land a job or internship following the experience. I was even able to manage the pre-internship while working a job at the same time”

Mory D.

Howard University, Bemis Manufacturing Engineering Pre-intern Summer 2022

Architecture, Sophomore at Howard University

Employer Testimonial


The Internship on Demand students helped our engineering team get real work done for an upcoming project. The team of students did a great job.

Dave Everett,

Spectrum Brands Division Vice President

Supercharge Your Talent Pipeline

Pre-internships effectively recruit & upskill talent ahead of your traditional internship to make hires more productive from day one, saving you time in training while increasing conversion.

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  • How long is a pre-internship?
    Pre-internships run between 4 to 8 weeks over the typical winter & summer break periods.
  • What is a pre-internship?
    A pre-internship is your open door into the professional world. With some experience under your belt, pre-internships substantially increase your odds of landing an internship.
  • Are pre-internships paid or unpaid?
    All Internship on Demand pre-internships are PAID. It's up to our company partners to set the exact wages, but you'll always see exactly what you'll be paid before applying.
  • Are pre-internships on-site or remote?
    Pre-internships are always 100% remote! This gives our students maximum flexibility wherever and whenever they access their pre-internship.
  • Are pre-internships open to international students?
    It depends on the program, but typically yes! International students should confirm with their career services office before participation. If you are an international student, please confirm with the International Student Office at your college or university to confirm your eligibility.
  • What internships do you offer?
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  • How do I sign up?
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  • What is Internship On Demand?
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  • How do we contact your team?
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  • What about confedentiality?
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  • How are pre-internships filled with high-quality students?
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  • What are the benefits of a pre-internship powered by Internship on Demand?
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  • I already run an internship. Why should I add a pre-internship?
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  • What universities are you already partnered with?
    Internship on Demand is connected with 30+ university partners across the United States. Partnerships range from sharing pre-internship opportunities with students all the way to part-time teaching relationships (Keegan, our CEO, is an Adjunct Faculty at Lakeland University in Plymouth, Wisconsin). Join the Internship on Demand network today to help your students land internships.
  • What are the benefits for students at my university?
    Students who participate in pre-internships are twice as likely to find an internship or co-op after their pre-internship compared to the national average for internship participation. Students will be compensated for their participation and all programming is virtual-first to allow maximum flexibility for participating students.
  • What's the cost of becoming an Internship On Demand partner?
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How it Works

Customized Curriculum

Our team works hand-in-hand with you and your team to build out a pre-internship curriculum that prepares students for a possible career with you.

 Low Time Commitment

Our team is able to have your customized program up and running in less than 8 hours of meeting time. 

Once the program is running, your team is responsible for just 1-2 hours of programming per week with support and guidance from Internship on Demand.  

Level Up Your Internship Program

Our curated pre-internship programs upskill students, meaning future hires come in knowing critical skills for success.


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