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Level Up Your Existing Early Talent Program

Designed to fit with your company's existing program, pre-internships ensure only high-potential candidates join your organization. 

Secure Your Future Employees

Know Your Candidates

Gain a clear understanding of candidates before they arrive for internships through real work examples.

Save Time

Hire only engaged, high-potential interns from our diverse talent pool. Skip the guesswork of sorting resumes & attending career fairs.

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Onboard Faster

Have confidence knowing interns come in with a specific set of skills, outlined by you and built directly into your pre-internship. 

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Decrease Turnover

Vet candidates for culture and skill fit early in the process and decrease early hire turnover.

Supercharge Your Talent Pipeline

Pre-internships effectively recruit & upskill talent ahead of your traditional internship to make hires more productive from day one, saving you time in training while increasing conversion.

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Full-Time Hire

You'll Be in Good Company

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Overview of the Internship on demand platform

How it Works

Customized Curriculum

Our team works hand-in-hand with you and your team to build out a pre-internship curriculum that prepares students for a possible career with you.

 Low Time Commitment

Our team is able to have your customized program up and running in less than 8 hours of meeting time. 

Once the program is running, your team is responsible for just 1-2 hours of programming per week with support and guidance from Internship on Demand.  

Level Up Your Internship Program

Our curated pre-internship programs upskill students, meaning future hires come in knowing critical skills for success.

Employer Testimonial

dave everett

The Internship on Demand students helped our engineering team get real work done for an upcoming project. The team of students did a great job.

Dave Everett,

Spectrum Brands Division Vice President


(608) 712-9842

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