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We Make Finding Your First Internship
Easy & Equitable 

Go directly from pre-intern to intern. Develop industry-specific skills through paid pre-internships and find the right company fit for you.

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Pre-internships are first step to build professional skills and understand the exact nature of the careers you think you want to go into.

Internships are the perfect next opportunity to use the knowledge gained in your pre-internships with more in-depth company experience.

You'll know the direction of your career to focus on and to avoid down the line because of your pre-internship head start.

When you join a pre-internship, you'll be investing in yourself to learn the skills and practices needed to excel in the workplace. Afterward, you'll be included in our curated talent pool where companies can directly see your talents and personality.


Your Career Journey Starts Today 

Available Pre-Internships

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Electromechanical Engineering: Electric Vehicle Design Summer 2024 Program

June 17, 2024 - August 16, 2024

Accepting Applications


Accounting Career Accelerator

July 22, 2024 - Aug 09, 2024

Accepting Applications


See all active


Learn More About Pre-Internships In Your Industry

Pre-Internship Curriculum

Three distinct learning categories to help you become a well-rounded candidate

Professional Development

Demonstrate key foundational skills, such as teamwork & communication, needed across every job in your career.

Industry Specific

Work with the specific tools and software used by professionals in your industry alongside real employees.

Company Focused

All pre-internships feature a unique project designed with each company to reflect their unique work experiences & culture.

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Where Our Pre-Interns Have Been Hired

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