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Student Success Story — Alec Weber

Updated: May 24, 2023

Alec is a smart, hardworking student at University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Industrial Engineering and pursuing a certificate in Leadership. Alec recently completed his Junior year. He has previous experience working for a startup, AlphaMark LLC, in Minnesota, but had yet to find an internship in the Industrial Engineering space.

Alec joined Internship on Demand in the fall of 2021 to participate in our Spectrum Brands pre-internship. This pre-internship centered on professional skill development for the product development space with a specific focus on the tools and processes used at Spectrum Brands.

Teams met for 2–3 hours each week to practice concepts shared with them from IOD and Spectrum Brands mentors. Concepts ranged from functional decomposition, to design for manufacturing, to decision making, and more. On working with a team, Alec said “It was fun to see how each of us uniquely solved problems. I also got to spin ideas off of my teammates and do sanity checks to keep myself and the team in line.”

Throughout the pre-internship, members of the greater Internship on Demand community dropped by to share advice for our students and to build their professional skills. One event featured a professional panel of engineers in various roles at GE, Microsoft, and Smith Optics sharing their story in finding their first internship. Alec used this opportunity to network and connect with a panel member to ask for career advice. With initiative, Alec eventually got an introduction to an employee at Boston Scientific who helped Alec land an upcoming internship for summer 2022!

“The work I’ve done with [Internship on Demand] and tips you gave me were really positive for helping me become a better candidate.”

Congratulations to Alec as he begins his internship. We’re excited to see him continue to grow as an engineer and a member of the Internship on Demand community. Who knows, maybe Alec will make the next connection that leads to internship for one of our students!

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